UCMAS is a Whole Brain Development Mental Maths Program that boosts brain power through the use of the Abacus in children aged 4-13. We believe that the UCMAS program extends every child’s learning Beyond Maths. Along with strengthening mathematical skills, the UCMAS approach promotes whole brain development and establishes foundational building blocks such as memory, concentration, creativity, and problem solving. These critical 21st Century skills inspire every child with greater confidence and success in all subject areas, competitive exams as well as simple day to day activities!.

Our exciting classes and passionate Course Instructors ensure that our students have fun as they learn. Since 1993, UCMAS has helped over one million children around the world Discover the Genius Within. 

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UCMAS applies innovative pedagogical techniques developed by program specialists that include child development experts and child psychologists to leverage educational trends and maintain a world class quality program that delivers maximum benefits to each student!

UCMAS promotes whole brain development by stimulating both hemispheres of the brain by using both hands on the Abacus simultaneously. By learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately, students aged 4 to 13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory, concentration, memory retention and problem solving – skills that are crucial to success in all areas of study and daily life!

The UCMAS course trains children to develop core mental abilities such as concentration, observation, visualisation, imagination, and memory. The combination of all these skills results in the astonishing calculation speeds our children acquire throughout the course!



Mental Maths is a building block for success in all academic aspects. The UCMAS program instils students with lifelong mental arithmetic skills which puts our students at par with the speed of the best calculators and computer programs! Students learn to focus for sustained periods of time, to manage their time while completing long series of sums, to think logically as well as visually in pictures and to concentrate on more than one task simultaneously while performing at a high standard! These are crucial life skills that students will use again and again. The UCMAS program activates key cognitive functions such as memory, attention, perception, symbolic learning and reasoning. UCMAS students become motivated learners – the best route to success in academics and beyond!

UCMAS demands self-discipline and promotes the joy of lifelong learning and self discovery. The journey to success involves consistent practice and commitment from the student as well as active support from the family. But the outcome is worth it!

The UCMAS program teaches and requires students to multi task, solve problems, identify key information, improve time management skills, concentrate and follow complex instructions, imagine the Abacus using their visual memory,  perform complex mathematical calculations under timed conditions as well as think in pictures to boost memory and recall!