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More than arithmetic

Many people often assume that undergoing the UCMAS Mental Arithmetic course is merely a method to improve a child’s speed and accuracy of doing calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers within a few seconds. By itself, it is already an amazing accomplishment for most young children. However, there is more science and research behind the program, when children learn UCMAS Mental Arithmetic, they are also training the different aspects of their mind as they stimulate whole brain development by using the abacus with our 2 Hand, 6 Finger Usage and 10 Finger Activation technique. The astonishing calculation speeds that UCMAS students acquire is the cumulative outcome of the constant development and enhancement of multiple mental abilities such as concentration, observation, visualisation, imagination, and memory, controlled by the different lobes of the brain.


UCMAS is a brain development program which provides emphasis on speed and accuracy. UCMAS children are trained for immense concentration within the classes, one second of lost concentration will result in an incorrect answer. Hence, motivating students to form the constant habit of always staying concentrated as they focus on number instructions in listening, flashing of cards and the visual reading of numbers done by the course instructors within the classes.


UCMAS is a unique program that builds the observation power within a child. Quizzing children on flash cards, trains them to build on observation skills. With the emphasis on rapid image recognition and calculation with the abacus the brain behaves like a scanner, which scans the surroundings and follows the hand-eye coordination thus making a child more observant.


Memory is the capacity of the brain to Receive, Retain, and Recall (3Rs). In this program, students are trained on the physical and the visual abacus to recognise the beads and calculate using mathematical formulae. When high-speed calculations are embodied using the 3 learning styles: auditory skills with verbal instructions, visual skills with recognition of images and tactile and kinaesthetic skills with hands on use of the abacus; children quickly identify the image, recall the corresponding number and the formula that has been retained in memory and with consistent practice this enhances long-term memory power in a child.


Imagination leads to invention. UCMAS uses the concept of semi-images on the abacus. This helps students to unleash the capacity of the brain, which makes them visualize and convert the digits into images using the tangible beads of the abacus. Furthermore, calculate visually and again process them back into written form as numbers.


Creativity stems from a highly imaginative well-developed brain. In the UCMAS program, all calculations are done using both hands simultaneously utilising the two hand, six finger usage and ten finger activation technique that allows both hemispheres of the brain to develop as the lobes in the brain are connected to directly to each finger. Full brain development enables students to develop their creative skills.


Judgment requires a balanced understanding of perspectives and context of a particular subject. UCMAS enhances creativity and imagination, which helps analyse the vision and perspective in turn engaging the right hemisphere of the brain. The program also enhances observation and memory to understand logically and analyse the situation, strongly engaging left side of brain. This balanced approach ensures a good sense of judgment within a child.


Application is the art of understanding a situation or a context and then applying your wisdom and knowledge to give a better meaning to the situation. Comprehending and analysing with good judgment and a well-balanced developed brain will help a child enhance their application skills. The UCMAS program enhances all these skills through a very systematic and scientific approach.


To reason about anything or with anyone, you require a well-balanced, logical and analytical brain. The UCMAS program constantly stimulates both hemispheres of the brain by training children on the abacus and mental math. With tools like flash cards and techniques like jumbled dictation, speedwriting, and more, children apply sequencing and formula recalling in their calculations, which enables them to analyse and strengthen their reasoning ability.


Success and self-confidence have an absolute interconnection. With UCMAS, children become motivated learners as they acquire a unique life long skill, which gives them a superior standing over others, in their grade and age. Their enhanced cognitive skills and strongly developed mental math ability gives them a great sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem and confidence levels.

Course Structure

Learners’ levels

Suitable for:-

  • Pre-school children – Age 4 ~ 6
    • Basic addition, subtraction with and without using
    • Learning games and activities and manipulating beads
  • Primary children – Age 7 ~ 13
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
      with and without using abacus
    • Visualization, listening, speed calculation
Course durationThree years
Entry requirementsNone
Certifying AuthoritiesU C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Academy in collaboration
with the China Zhusuan Association.
Teacher/learner ratio1:15
Course session1.5(One & A half) hours per week (to be allocated flexibly)Each level goes for 16(Sixteen)weeks but as we all know that all kids are different, so if a kid is expected to take any longer then the 16 weeks then it is clearly reflected in the Students Report sent in the 8th week of each level & also conveyed to the Parents by the Class Instructors (CI’s) from time to time . These extra classes are charged on a pro rata basis
  • U C MAS Academy of Mental Arithmetic, in collaboration with the China Zhusuan Association, will organize international abacus and mental arithmetic grading examinations twice every year.
  • Each paper will vary from Grade 1 to Grade 10 and the
    Grand Level, in which the Grand Level is the highest level
    of the examinations.
  • Examination results will be classified into the grades
    of distinction, credit, pass and fail. Certificates will
    be awarded to students who have passed the examinations.

Course Materials